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Hi, my name is Justin Brown and I created the free global online community called the JBFit Crew! We are a diverse community of people who are dedicated to helping one another reach their long term goals of losing fat, building muscle, gaining energy and looking good naked!

I have been a personal trainer for the over 10 years and I have had the fortune of working with doctors, lawyers, celebrities, politicians, dancers, models, small and large business owners, people with all types of diseases and illnesses and a whole plethora of other people from varying backgrounds.

I have a passion for helping people succeed which is what lead me to social media and developing my online personal brand. I was a private sector personal trainer living in Panama City Beach Florida for 5 years serving a multitude of high profile clientele when I quickly realized that I needed to be able to touch more than one person at a time. I wanted to share my passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness with everyone who was looking for a change in their lives and I knew that taking my knowledge online was going to be the best way to scale myself without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of the programs that I would be able to deliver.

I spent 6 years in the United States Navy traveling throughout Europe and learning more about health and fitness by obtaining high levels of personal training and nutrition certifications all while attending college and training clients of my own.

It is my sincerest hope that you join the JBFit Crew community and learn more ways to improve your overall health and wellness. You will start receiving newsletters filled with valuable information that will help you succeed! I will be sending out articles, reviews, community updates and more.

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